Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review: L.A. Weatherly's 'Angel'

If you have a sweet-tooth when it comes to devouring books you will love L.A. Weatherly’s Angel! L.A. grabs readers in an enticing page-turner worthy of bestseller-dom leaving you wanting more.

The Cover: I am usually a girl who severely dislikes the colours of sky blue, green and orange together but this cover is definitely interesting. The font is beautiful and timelessly elegant and the model’s partly shadowed face indicates there is more to the story than a pretty face. The quote “The only good angel is a dead angel” is a great hook and admittedly helped convince me to buy the book. When I first looked at the cover it intrigued me and I put it down but couldn’t stop thinking about it during the week. Eventually I went back to the store and bought it when I had the money and couldn’t stop reading it. I spent the duration from 3pm that afternoon until 4am the following morning reading L.A.’s fascinating tale.
Stars: 3/5
The Characters: Thoroughly developed these characters have soul and I felt there was more to Willow’s mother than she’s given credit. There is very little that can be faulted on this front with a witty heroine, her handsome love interest and angels more terrifying than one can imagine.
Stars: 5/5

The Plot: The plot overall was fantastic but got a little lacklustre in a few small places leading up to the climax. L.A. presents the novel with a great beginning and I particularly loved the slow rate at which Willow and Alex trusted each other. The necklace… well that was just a stroke of genius tying the two characters together. A refreshing novel, the plot combines sweet-tooth romance with great levels of nail-biting action and a conclusion leaving readers waiting for more.
Stars: 4/5

Overall Comments: This is sincerely a novel for YA romance fanatics mostly but really applies to a wide range of audiences. Beware though if you don’t have a sweet-tooth as you will be bombarded with lovey-dovey moments between the main characters. The only improvement I could point out was the very small lacklustre moments – every writer gets them at some point – but definitely a novel worth checking out. I am sincerely looking forward to the reading Angel Fire and furthermore Angel Fever coming this year.
Overall Stars: 4/5